Spit or Swallow 10 Reasons to Swallow

Spit or Swallow 10 Reasons to Swallow

Spit or Swallow 10 Reasons to Swallow

Your man is rich | in vitamin supply | Semen contains Spermidine, which has been found to increase lifespan

1. It can be tasty

There are many foods which help improve the taste of semen. Men who eat more fruits with natural sugar, like pineapples and mangoes can enhance the sweetness of their ejaculate. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out the toxins that could be contributing to the bitter and extra salty taste.

2. It’s easier

Spitting requires a tissue nearby, not to mention sleight of hand if you are, for some reason, trying to hide the fact that you are spitting it out. Just swallow, and it’s gone!

3. It’s a turn on

Swallowing can be erotic and romantic. Men have very erotic minds and if you go that extra mile by taking it all in, you will make him feel very turned on.

Spit or Swallow 10 Reasons to Swallow

4.The Perfect Job > click here to See more jizzed girlfriends >>> Girls that love Cum

Not all blow jobs are the same… but no matter how good your skills are, you cannot do a perfect job if you don’t swallow. It’s an awesome feeling when a man climaxes and continues to get the full effect of oral. A woman not swallowing would be the same as a man abruptly stopping licking and sucking your clit right as you began to climax.

5. Semen is a natural anti-depressant

Studies have shown that semen elevates your mood and even reduces suicidal thoughts

New research in the scientific community has determined that consuming sperm can combat depression, due to hormones present in seminal fluids. Bio-psychologist Gordon G. Gallup Jr., believes semen functions to improve a woman’s mood.

6. It helps you sleep better

Semen contains melatonin, a sleep-inducing agent.

7. A multivitamin in each ejaculation

Some of the helpful chemicals in seminal plasma include testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, opiod peptides, oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, and norepineprine.

Just think, you can get a dose of all that without having to go to the vitamin store!

8. Oral sex can lower your blood pressure

It improves cardio health and prevents preeclampsia, which causes dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy

9. Good for Skin > > > > Naughty chick filmed in the bedroom while giving head

Semen slows down the aging process of your skin and muscles: It contains a healthy portion of zinc, which is an antioxidant.

10. Semen is an Anti-Inflammatory

Semen contains anti-inflammatories/immunosuppressants so that it’s not attacked when it enters the woman.

Just think, you can get a dose of all that without having to go to the vitamin store!

Suddenly, they’re willingness to “swallow” increases if they think it might help them sleep or reduce their pain.



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